4 December 2008

New Month New Attitude

Okay, so maybe the attitude isn't all that new. I still have problems managing my time and actually telling myself to write instead of watching newest episodes of NCIS. But I really am trying to work on this one.

What else am I working on?
Well two things. Qassia and Inspired.

Qassia is a place I already wrote about. IT helps you get backlinks and improve the page rank of your site. And if you're a writer (or owner of any kind of website), you know how pagerank and promotion and improve your earnings and stuff.

Inspired, on the other hand, is a new themed blog I started. I want to share or sorts of inspiration and creativity boost. Ideas for work for all creative types. And not only writers (though as a writer I"m mostly focusing there) but also artists, filmmakers and people who create things for other people's pleasure. I missed having athemed blog and I want to make this one work. Especially since it's so close to my area of expertise.

In other news, Associated COntent finally published one of the articled I had in the publishing queue.

It's called Why Having a Blog Can Improve Your Earnings. Feel free to read it and tell you what you think.

I wrote more on that subject over at Helium:
Promoting your writing on the Internet

Read more from my Helium portfolio.

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