16 January 2012

Announcing the great move

I bet you're surprised to see an update on this blog. After all, it's been uiet in these parts for a year now.


I can finally tell you the reason behind the silence.

I spent a lot of time studying and researching and working on the side so that I could save up enough money for a hosting server and my very own domain. (I've been also dealing with some family problems for a bit there during 2011)

You guys have been with me for a very long time and you've been incredibly supporting. So I'm pleased to announce that I'm moving homes. You'll be able to find me at Writing4Rent now. It's a website that I wanted to open ever since I started this blog. I hope it will grow to be one of the best sources for beginning writers out there.

Also: if any of you want to share your stories, advice and experience there, please let me know by commenting or emailing me.