30 October 2008

NaNoWriMo action plan.

Like every good writer who started by writing fiction I'm getting ready for NaNoWriMo this year.

But unlike every other year, I wont be working on any story. Even though like every year I have my original novel ready to go back to as well as three other ideas that I'd love to turn into full on novels.

I decided to make this NaNoWriMo all about my non-fiction writing. Like a Helium Summer Reward-a-thon, only without actual upfront payment. I want to write at least one article a day. Which, given that each of my articles is a 500 words avarage, would set my goal at 15000 words written in articles in November.

I do realize that it's nowhere near the actual 50000 words goal all the NaNoWrimers have, but I'm pretty sure that if there's any muse left in me, I will probably write some more on my novels in progress.

Wish me luck :)

12 October 2008

Article SOLD!

This might not seem like a lot, but the article I've submitted to the Helium Marketplace have been purchased.

Yeah, I did a little happy dance and re-read the notification e-mail that informed me of that fact.
I think I feel slightly excused for not writing anything recently. Though I'm painfully aware of the fact that if I want to be serious about my writing and earning a living with it I will have to start writing everyday...

Read my Helium Articles: http://www.helium.com/users/431779/show_articles

10 October 2008

New writing platform

I decided to give AssociatedContent a try. The first time around, when I was looking into websites that would pay me for my writing, I dismissed AC because as a Non-US citizen I didn't qualify for the Upfront Payment. However, right now, I understand it's not the most important thing...
I like the fact that their minimum payment is $1.50 (unlike Helium, where it's $25)

I want to submit 5 articles there so I could qualify for the October bonus of $10. WE'll see how I manage with that, because at the same time I want to try to enter one of Helium's Writing Contests.
Do keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Unfortunately it's been crazy at my daytime job and I wasn't able to concentrate at home to write anything new. But I'm still waiting for the decision about the Helium Marketplace article I submitted.

5 October 2008

Getting backlinks

Backlinks and Page Rank are very important to promote one's work. And since I'm just starting I figured that while I might not be able to write everyday, I should at least make sure my writing is read.

I decided to promote my work via various sites.
First of all, I use Twitter to post links to articles I just published. It might seem like not much, but it actually adds some readers.

I post about my articles to my personal blog and that gives me some more clicks.
When I'm talking about some subjects in forums, discussion boards or my blogs and I know I wrote an article about that already, I link to it as well.

And recently, I started to use a site called Qassia. It allows you to earn Qassia dollars that can be spent to get quality backlinks to your sites. I think it's a great idea as backlinks apparently influence page rank that has an impact to where your site is positioned in search engines...
So yes. I use Qassia to get this blog higher in the ranks.

Read more on the subject:
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4 October 2008

Reality Check

So my very ambisious plan to write something profitable everyday were really cool, but apparently I cannot just jump into the whole writing business. Not with a full-time job and classes on the weekends. I will have to adjust the plan to the life that I have... Hmmm, I wish I wouldn't have to.

Fortunately I'm still capable of working on my PTC sites because they can be open in the background while I check my emails and relax after the whole day of classes. They don't offer much, but it's still something. And I'm patient :)

Unfortuantely due to a lot of work next week at my full-time job I won't be able to do much writing as I will be too stressed and mentally exhausted to come up with something good. But I'm hoping I will be able to come up with some ideas I'll be able to turn into writing during next weekend. I really want to write something for triond.com and maybe give assosiate content and suite 101 another look... I'll have to think about it some more.

3 October 2008

Money records and keywords

So because I'm a freak yesterday, in between of posting to MyLot, I was playing in Exel (yes, I actually have Microsoft Office and I actually like it better than Open Office, sue me). I created a nice spreadsheet to keep track of all my earnings online.

I do realize it's a bit anal, but I actually had fun creating it. I like to have stuff organized and written down.
Besides, I write for more than one site and I'm also on three Paid-to-click sites (Bux.to and Clixsense and Hits4Pay) and to be able to better manage my time (I do waste 8 hours in my regular job, you know?) I want to see which sites are actually worth bothering with.

I want to see which sites are worth the investment (getting a premium account or writing more articles for that particular site).

So far I like Helium the best. I recently submitted an article to Helium's Marketplace and we'll see what will come of that.
I actually wrote about subject I know little to none about (tattoo removal). But I did extensive research and was able to write a nice 600 words article.

I worked with keywords for the first time (conciously putting them in), so I can't say I haven't learned anything new ;)
I think now my articles will be slightly better in that area.

Read my past articles at Helium

1 October 2008

Get paid for your writing

Make no mistake. This is not a blog that will tell you how to get rich as a freelance writer. Rather this blog was created to document my journey. And if you can benefit from my experiences, well good for you.

You see, I want to be a professional writer. I want to be able to support myself with my writing, or at least have writing add to my monthly income. Preferably in a significant way.

And because the Internet is a place of many possibilities, I think it's the right place to start.

So what have I achieved so far?

Well I have/had a blog where I wrote articles with a sole purpose of giving people advice how to become a better writer of fiction. But due to my real life I had to put it on hold in June 2008. Then, I moved to actual writing that could profit me. I would want to keep on posting there, however, I don't know if I'll be able to do that.

As to the actual paid writing.

I have 21 articles published on Helium. They don't bring me any huge income yet, but they all earn few cents here and there. I also took part in Helium's Summer Reward-a-thon. I only wrote  4 articles thought. Still, it's extra $4 apart from the income from ads displayed with my articles.

I wrote few reviews for ReviewStream, unfortunately I'm still far away from payout there. At the moment, I really don't feel like writing reviews, but since I want to get paid there, I will have to get over that little block.

I am semi active at mylot as well. I am sure I will meet payout in October. I really like it there because starting and responding to discussions don't take too much of my creative juices and yet, it still offers some extra dollars. I do realize this little venue will never become a significant part of my income, however it will do just fine for the small pleasures :)

I also have profiles in few other places, but I haven't posted anything there yet. When I finally do, I will post about them here. Though you can find the links to those places in the sidebar. If you decided to check them out, do drop me a line and tell me how they are working out for you. :)