28 May 2010

Travelling and Writing - How Did It Work Out for Me

When I posted my Writer on the Move blog post, I didn't really know how this whole travelling and writing gig would work out. With so much things on my plate, I didn't want to have my expectations high. Let's face it, it's better for your ego is you get a nice surprise than when you're disappointing yourself.

What I did manage to accomplish:

I wrote a quick little article for Helium about successful blogging. I used both the advice I've read online (at various sources) and the stuff I know worked for me. The topic just pushed the right buttons, because the moment I saw the title available, I knew what and how to write it. And so, even though I wasn't planning on writing any non-fiction during this trip... There you go.

I also wrote a flashfic (barely above 1000 words) that came to me while I was exchanging story ideas via Twitter. It was an unapologetic fun story that could also be described as crack. But people who saw it seemed to like it (demanding another story in that universe - the highest compliment, I suppose). All in all, I had major fun with it.

I worked on my thesis as well. Not much, but I managed to accomplished what I planned during my stay in Hague. So that's a success - not getting too distracted by the new surroundings to forget what I had to do.

What I didn't do:

Not everything got done though. I promised myself to study for the exams... Yeah, not so much. The city was too interesting, the plot bunnies simply needed to be written down. Hopefully, I'll find time to do some studying at some point and pass those two exams.

The really awesome part:

What I'm really proud of is that I managed to keep the regular posting schedule here. Even though this post is being written from the airport as I'm waiting to check-in, it'll still go online on the day I planned. That's a huge victory for me, as establishing routines is usually a very painful process for me.

Have a good weekend everybody. I have a plane to catch :)


Bluestocking said...

It's a great feeling when you feel like you are making an impact even if you can't do everything. Hopefully your blogging routine will add structure to the rest of your life. I use blogging as a warm-up for a longer writing session with my WIP. Best of luck on those exams, too!

Jane Rutherford said...

Thank you so much! I have to admit, meeting the posting schedule does give me a lot of satisfaction, and I would never think something as simple (and tiny, in comparison to some other projects) can be so rewarding :)