2 May 2009

Dead, but not Forgotten

Yes, I am, in fact, still alive. Yesterday, after almost two months of writing, I finished the 20K story. It ended up being over 25 000 words (54 pages in word) and right now it's more of a first draft.

I wasn't online, and I disappeared from all my writing communities, because I wanted to prove myself that I can do it. That I can write a longer fiction piece and make it not suck. Too much.

Now that the story waits for the first edits, I can slowly reintroduce myself into the fold. I should probably check my Helium and AssociatedContent profiles. AS well as start writing short articles to keep my non-fiction skills high.
But first, I"m going to sleep for some time and hide my laptop somewhere I won't see it.

Finishing your first novella is exhausting.
But, damn, it's such a high :)

I'll keep you updated :)

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