17 January 2009

ReviewStream experiment update and other news

I got an e-mail from ReviewStream regarding my voting experiment.


we strongly suggest you stop the voting system manipulating.


Meaning they probably have some sort of software registering IP addresses of people who vote on reviews. Which at the same time means that you can't vote for your reviews (unless you have a modem connection and everytime you connect to the Internet you get a brand new IP). And as a result of that, getting 50 votes on one review is pretty much impossible.

I have to admit, it's a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a more possitive outcome of my experiment. Oh well. LikeI said, when I annouced it, I lostnothing, but I learned something. And knowledge is important, especially nowadays.

In other news, the last three days I had a cold. But since I had to go to work everyday, I couldn't just sleep in and try to recover. My writing did suffer from that. As in I didn't do much of it. Unfortunately. Today and tomorrow I will be catching up on everything as my deadlines are here and look scary. Of to do a lot of writing.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jane,

I have a cable connection, and ReviewStream only allowed me to vote once on my reviews. I think you're right, they track you down from your IP address. I don't think I'll receive enough votes to earn from my reviews. Anyways, I enjoy writing reviews, and will keep doing that.

Take care,


Jane Rutherford said...

Hi Selen,

I agree with you, it is doubtful that anyoe will be able to get enough votes to earn that $5... But girl can dream, right?:)