8 January 2009


I started Inspired to test a theory (I start things just to test a theory all the time. My recent experiment with ReviewStream a fine example. It's going alright by the way).

I wanted to find out if I can actually get money for blogging. But the key was whether or not the money would still be coming if I didn't advertise the blog or do anything to get the page rank or anything (meaning not doing all the things I've done for WritingMakesRich). Mostly because I have a short attenton span and I didn't wanted to distract myself from working on WritingMakesRich.

So basically the only effort I put into Inspired is putting the content in. And I'm not even doing it religiously. When I get an idea or when I get inspired by something, I make a post on the blog. So basically not much (if you think about it in the contemporary problogging way).

I started the blog in December. It has eight posts (including two entries I made in January). At the beginning of January I got a notification that my blog ranked #34 and I got paid.
Not much, mind you. Cents. But for 6 (then) posts? I think it's a promising start.

So check out Inspired. And if you decide to try the platform yourself do link me to it, so I can visit :)

Now if you excuse me. I have articles and press releases to write... *headdesk*

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