5 November 2008

Writing Pays

Yeah. I think it's high time to talk about the money that I earn with my writing.

November is actually the first month hat I will be receiving a payment. It's mostly due to the fact that I became serious about my writing only las month and I actually pursued the paying aspect of the net.

So, any day now I should be receiving money from Helium. Most of it will be for the article I sold, which actually made me qualify for payment. But not all. Almost $8will be the performance payment. Meaning the money I earned from the page views of my articles. And given that I have only 21 articles, I don't think that it's such a bad turn out.

But I can be proud of myself, because after 5 days of November (implementing my November plan) I managed to finally reach payout at mylot.com (after months of slacking and half a month of actual participating) and payout limit on ciao.com (I've been a member there for like 3 days).

So it's 2 payments I'll be receiving for sure in December. And knowing that at the very beginning of November makes my mood a lot better.

And to close the tpic, I'm still waiting for AssociatedContent to publish my first aticle there... We'll see how that plays out :)

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A Dog's Breakfast review
My Ciao profile
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Barbara Whitlock said...

Way to go Jane! Helium has began up front payments for all informative articles, in addition to ad revenue share an an expanded Freelance Marketplace, which includes website, magazine and newspaper publishers. Articles sell in the $28-$100 plus range, and there are no limits to submissions. Registration is free too.

So come join Jane at Helium and share your knowledge and supplement your income. If you'd like any help write to me: bwhitlock@helium.com.

And once again, congrats Jane!

Barbara Whitlock
Community Development Manager